Claudia W.

"A wonderful and reliable pharmacy to go to especially for compounded medicines. They made specialized formulas for my kitty and their medicines gave her 4 1/2 years more with us and no reoccurrence of the small cell lymphoma the medicines were treating! I not only like them— the staff is really wonderful, kind, caring and totally committed but, more importantly, I trust them and would not consider ever using anyone else! All I can say is thank you so much. I highly recommend them! "

p: 703-549-4350

f: 703-683-1039

500 Montgomery St, Suite 120 Alexandria, VA 22314 | Phone: 703-549-4350 | Mon-Thurs: 9A.m.-6P.m. | Fri: 9A.M - 7P.M | Weekends: Closed